Usually our volunteers can support themselves through their own savings. Failing this, our volunteers often apply for grants from their own universities to go towards their costs. Closing dates for these grants usually fall at the end of the first semester or at the start of the second semester, so the onus is on volunteers to organize themselves in time for this deadline.

Another source of potential funding for volunteers can come from the EU-funded European Voluntary Service (EVS) scheme. Depending on our needs, Music Harvest occasionally advertises EVS roles at various times throughout the year. Such EVS positions includes funding that covers all the costs borne by volunteers throughout their placement, including flights. The deadline for EVS grants falls on February 1st, May 1st and October 1st each year. Volunteers who qualify for EVS funding do not pay any of the programme fees applicable to other volunteers. Bear in mind that prospective volunteers will not be eligible to apply for this funding until they have completed our application process and have been offered places on our programme. Ideally this stage should be reached at least one month in advance of the deadlines listed above. Note that EVS funded projects cannot start until 3 months after the deadline at the earliest i.e. May 1st, August 1st and January 1st. More info on the EVS scheme can be downloaded from here. Check here to see what EVS vacancies we are currently offering suitable candidates.

UK citizens may qualify for funding from the British Council. Applicants from other countries should check with their local agencies to see if other funding is available.

Before applying for these grants however, volunteers must have already been offered a place on our programme.