One of the aims of Music Harvest is to promote affordable volunteering opportunities that provide an enriching and meaningful experience for its volunteers. We believe that young adults should be able to volunteer around the world at a minimum expense.

However, given the tough economic climate currently being faced by charities, our partner on the ground, Project Hope, does ask volunteers to make a contribution towards their running costs. 100% of this donation is spent in the local community, helping to sustain the services it currently provides to families in Nablus and the wider region around it. To cover these costs Music Harvest asks its volunteers to pay €200 per month of their stay to cover some of the costs incurred during their stay. The majority of this sum is spent on housing costs for the international volunteers as well as transport costs for local volunteers who’ll be accompanying you to class.

Even though a placement with Music Harvest is particularly affordable, we appreciate that some prospective volunteers may still face difficulty in sourcing the financing they need to realise a work placement with us in Nablus. In light of this Music Harvest has various funding possibilities for suitable candidates. Check out our funding page for more details.

Living Expenses

Europeans should plan to spend no more than €400 on return flights. Volunteers can survive comfortably on between €25 and €40 a week. Food expenses and taxi fares comprise the greatest proportion of this sum.