(PLEASE NOTE: Our Two Week Stays Programme is specifically designed for non-musicians and only takes place in the summer of each year. It runs entirely exclusively of our year-round music programme.)

Volunteers – and the energy, passion and optimism that they bring – comprise the most valuable asset that Music Harvest can successfully utilise each year. Through the successful recruitment, management, support and training of our volunteers, we manage to provide essential services to local communities in need of support. Our programme offers our volunteers the opportunity to avail of a platform for intercultural dialogue and exchange between themselves and their host community in Nablus.

Music Harvest aims to provide a fulfilling and challenging work placement for all of its volunteers. We see our volunteer programme as an exchange, and as such, we organise a range of activities for our volunteers on a weekly basis in order to facilitate their successful integration into Palestinian society.

During the placement, volunteers can expect to acquire invaluable experience and significantly enhance and add to their existing skill set.

With the continuous support and training Music Harvest provides for its volunteers, you can expect to benefit enormously from your placement. Music Harvest seeks to equip each volunteer it receives with the knowledge and skills they need to maximise their time and energy during the placement. Volunteers can expect to add to their team management, communication, education and performance skills.

In return, we expect a high level of work and commitment from our volunteers, so that we can maintain the standard of the educational courses we provide at our partner centres. We hope that your placement with us can add to your knowledge and skills base, and provide you with a deeper perspective of the culture, traditions and people of the Middle East.

Programme Requirements

Our 2 Week Stays Volunteer Programme runs in the summer of each year. Volunteers’ applications are accepted from October each year.

Please Note: for our 2 Week Stays volunteers do not need to be musicians. This is the only window we offer each year for non-musicians to work with us and discover this region of the Middle East.

Those selected must display:

  • strong teamwork skills
  • a high degree of maturity and common sense
  • a high level of tolerance and empathy
  • the ability to work with programme coordinators and take direction when necessary.

Extensive experience in education and knowledge of Arabic is valued but by no means essential.

The Placement

Over the two weeks our volunteers’ schedules are split between delivering classes at our partner centres, together with a comprehensive development education programme based from our centre in Nablus. The trips, tours and lectures we organise will give volunteers an extensive overview of the current situation in Palestine.

With regards to the volunteers’ classes at the partner centres, volunteers generally work in pairs and are always accompanied to class by local volunteers who will help internationals in any capacity that they can, not least translation. Volunteers will be supported to maximise their skill sets by providing tuition in their relevant areas of expertise e.g. languages/art/sport etc. For more information about the programme please download our Programme Guide below.

Apply Now!

Our 2 Week Stays Volunteer Programme runs in the summer each year. Upcoming placement dates are as follows:

Summer 2015: August 8th – August 22nd

If you are interested in applying to our volunteer programme, then proceed to download our Volunteer Programme Guide and Application Form. In addition please download and read Comhlámh’s Volunteer Charter before you consider engaging in any volunteer work overseas.

2 Week Stays Programme Guide
2 Week Stays Application Form
Comhlámh Volunteer Charter