Regular Giving

If you would like to make a regular monthly contribution to the work of Music Harvest then please fill out a form below in your local currency.

If you make a contribution to Music Harvest and are an Irish PAYE taxpayer then your contribution can be increased by the Irish Government. To qualify for this opportunity it doesn’t matter if your gift is a one-off donation or a series of contributions so long as the total amount in a given year is €250 (i.e. €21 a month) or more.

By how much will my donation be increased?

Following the tax changes in the 2013 budget, tax relief on all charitable donations will now be claimed at a single tax rate of 31%. That means that if you donate €250 during the tax year, then the net value of your donation will increase to €362.32. This means an extra €112.32 for Music Harvest’s work on the ground in Nablus.

For more details on this process please click here.

Monthly Contributions

Fill out the form opposite to become a regular donor to Music Harvest.

Adjust the monthly donation sum to suit your own financial constraints; a regular contribution of as little as €10 a month can go a long way towards sustaining our work on the ground in Nablus.

Again bear in mind that a donation of €21 a month allows us to claim back an extra €112 a year on your donation.

To keep our costs as low as possible, all of our online transactions are processed by PayPal.

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