Our Fundraising Principles

Music Harvest is committed to maintaining the standards outlined in the Irish Charities Tax Reform Group (ICTR) Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising.

The Guidelines exist to improve fundraising practices in Ireland and to ensure transparency and accountability by Irish Charities. If you would like more information please read the full Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising document.

More Info

Before you consider making a donation to Music Harvest, we encourage you to make contact with us first, so that you fully understand our goals and principles and agree with what we are trying to achieve and how we plan to do so. If you plug your contact details into the box opposite we will send you out more documents and reports that should satisfy any further questions that you may have.


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Tell Us Your Ideas

We love hearing about all the creative things fundraisers are doing to make a difference. Tell us what you’re up to, so we can publicize it in our newsletter, add it to our events feed, offer our support, and inspire others with your success!


We Can Help

We’re always interested in supporting exhibitions, performances and talks. We have useful material, so contact us if you plan to host an event. We can provide artwork, photography and — if logistics allow — a Music Harvest representative to provide your audience with some unique insight into our work and life in the West Bank.