The long-term vision of Music Harvest is to meaningfully contribute to the cultural revival of Nablus and the region around it. This goes hand in hand with creating a platform for cultural events and dialogue between internationals and Palestinians in order to foster a greater sense of mutual understanding and respect for others.

At present Music Harvest is trying to achieve this through its partnership with Project Hope. This way we are building a genuine and lasting relationship with a local partner who is sensitive to local needs.

With the support of Music Harvest, local civil infrastructure will be developed and nurtured until it becomes self-sufficient. At this point, the local capacity generated will facilitate emerging musicians to sustain, direct and lead the cultural lives of their towns and cities, independent of international support. This will leave the role of Music Harvest largely redundant, with the exception of its network of returned volunteers, who will continue to collaborate and connect with Palestinian musicians.


We believe that music education should be accessible and affordable to all layers in society.

Children’s Rights
We believe that all children have the right to education and security. Through our music programme, we work to create a safe environment for Palestinian children and youth to learn new skills, express themselves through music, develop confidence, and expand their thinking.

Gender Equality
We strive to ensure that girls and young women have equal access to the activities we provide.

We believe that to bring about sustainable change in our world, we need to invest heavily in our youth. Given sufficient support and encouragement, our youth have the capacity to bring about long-lasting change throughout their lives.

Music Harvest is a grassroots organization that draws its strength from Palestinian leadership and a broad international network of dedicated volunteers, alumni, and supporters. We prioritise clear and open dialogue between Palestinian and international staff to ensure that our music programme is meeting and responding to local needs. Community participation is essential to Music Harvest’s growth and reach. We work with a large number of local partner centres in Nablus, surrounding villages and refugee camps, bringing classes and activities to communities most in need, whilst helping local community centres build capacity.

We believe in providing affordable and meaningful work placements for all of our volunteers.


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