2010 – 2011

In our first two years we were partnered with a local cultural centre called Nablus Il Thuqafe. Nablus Il Thuqafe was founded by a small group of Nabulsis with the sole goal of reviving the cultural life of Nablus. This centre was situated in a beautiful Nabulsi townhouse dating back to the early 1800’s. It had received substantial donations of musical instruments during its life and was an ideal space for our students and volunteers to come to learn and teach alike.

This partnership had many successes; over the course of two years over one hundred and fifty children received individual lessons at the centre itself, and volunteers were also involved in running music groups, giving outreach concerts in local schools as well as providing music classes for one local primary school.

2012 – Present

In 2012 Music Harvest joined forces with a local NGO, Project Hope, a partner that aspires to achieve as much as we do. Utilising the pool of resources that Project Hope and Music Harvest share, we are trying to create an accessible and welcoming space where young Nabulsi’s can come, learn and express themselves freely – be it through art exhibitions, poetry readings, theatre, music or dance.

Music Harvest volunteers work from here, giving classes, socializing and sharing with young musicians, performing, and hopefully inspiring children in the process. Although our volunteers are based at the Project Hope premises, our volunteers give classes all around Nablus and the surrounding villages.